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We exist to help our clients create sustainable and growing fundraising programs. Most of our clients come to us seeking help with capital campaigns, annual giving campaigns, major gift acquisitions and corporate and foundation grant proposal writing. But we also offer expertise in many other areas of philanthropy, from staff organization to volunteer and board development.

How Can We Help You? Let Us Count The Ways

Revitalizing Your Existing Fundraising Programs | (Re)Building Your Fundriaising Basics | (Re)Organizing Your Boards, Volunteers & Staff

Revitalizing Your Key Components


Annual Giving

An Annual Fund results from a steady stream of discretionary dollar donations. Universities, colleges, private schools and nonprofit organizations typically use Annual Fund income to help offset operating and recurring annual expenses. Common challenges to Annual Giving include lackluster or declining results, finding and recruiting new donors and cultivating major gift donors. At WhiteRock, we help you create, revitalize or fine-tune your annual giving program. We work with you to develop customized programs based on proven principles of annual giving, while taking into account the unique culture of your organization and the characteristics of your donor base.

Planned Giving

Whether you need help evaluating and improving your existing planned giving program, or you’d like help in establishing a program for your organization, WhiteRock can help. We can educate your staff, design marketing and stewardship plans that are tailored to your organization’s culture and donor preferences, and assist you with implementation and ongoing evaluation or your planned giving program. Even the smallest nonprofit can conduct and benefit from a planned giving program. We’ll show you how.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are usually undertaken by education and non-profit groups needing to fund, build and equip a new facility.  Today, updating existing facilities to support the latest technology and equipment, purchasing that equipment, or transforming buildings for use in new ways are also cause for a capital campaign.

Is your organization overdue for a capital campaign, or are you wondering if your group is ready for its first capital campaign?  No matter what your size or your construction, modernization or expansion goals, WhiteRock can help you successfully and efficiently navigate the maze of a capital campaign.  We offer a range of services including feasibility studies, campaign planning, case statement and donor pyramid development, communication plans, timeline development, leadership training, and a campaign wrap-up plan to make sure your organization is ready for its next capital campaign.

Major Gift Fundraising

Does your organization have a steady flow of small annual gifts? Do you need larger gifts to complete a special project or implement a new program? Are you ready to ramp up your giving program – but not sure how to start or how to successfully ask your donors for larger gifts?  WhiteRock will help you develop or advance a major gifts program drawing from your current pool of annual donors. We can also identify potential major gift donors who support your mission. And we’ll train your staff and board members on the most effective ways to cultivate, solicit and secure major gifts.

Corporate & Foundation Fundraising

Are you confident that you are delivering professional proposals to your donors? Are you worried your organization is missing out on potential funding opportunities because you have no idea where to start – or the submission process seems too daunting?  WhiteRock can help you find the corporations and foundations offering grants or other funding programs that match your mission. We’ll teach you how to maximize the chances you’re your grant proposal or funding request reaches the corporate and foundation officials make the awards. We’ll also show you how to craft a good grant proposal, and how to start and maintain positive relationships with foundation and corporate funding program officers.

Proposal Writing

Do you think your organization’s work would be appealing to foundations, if only you had the staff and expertise to create grant proposals? Have you found a specific funding opportunity your organization should pursue – but you don’t have time to prepare and submit a proposal by the deadline? 
WhiteRock offers a wide range of proposal writing services. Those range from preparing a single proposal to developing and overseeing your entire proposal process – from identification of potential funders through stewardship. We’ll help you maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and success of your proposal writing program. 

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The Basics: (Re)Building a Solid, Sustainable Foundation for Successful Fundraising

Feasibility Studies

Does your organization need to finance a major project or program? Are you hoping to start a multi-million dollar endowment to fund your programs or operations? Do you need to launch a capital campaign to build a facility? Whatever the spark, WhiteRock can help you decide if your goal is feasible. We can analyze and determine the financial capacity of your donor base, your level of community support, the adequacy of the internal resources your organization will need to reach its goal, and the external conditions that could positively or negatively impact your campaign. We’ll also identify the top supporters and volunteers who are best suited to help lead your effort.

Prospect Research/Management

Not sure who makes up your donor base? Think you don’t have any wealthy donors? Need new potential donors? We can help you identify, rate, and prioritize your donor pool. Whether you need in-depth research on a handful of donors, a baseline screening on all your donors, or you’d like to add new donors to your database, WhiteRock can help.

Prospect Database Development & Use

Do you have a strategy for every major gift prospect and donor and a timeline for executing that strategy? Or does your fundraising program lack focus and direction? We’ll show you how to implement a prospect management program that brings focus and direction to your interactions with donors. We can also help you create, and show you how to maintain, a donor database from your current donor files.

Stewardship/Donor Recognition

Stewardship is one of the most important areas of focus for any fundraising program and is often the most overlooked. Does your organization thank every donor for every gift they make within a week of that gift? In addition to a cultivation strategy, do you have a long-term stewardship strategy for each of your major gift prospects? Do you make an extra effort to thank donors who have never given to your organization before?  If you answered no to any of these questions, you are endangering the success of your future capital campaigns and your annual fund and major gift programs. WhiteRock will tailor a stewardship program to your organization’s culture and resources – one that will help you retain and engage your donors.

Strategic Planning for Today's Results-focused Funders

How is your organization making an impact in your community? Today, donors want to know their investments are truly making a meaningful difference. If you can’t demonstrate the impact of your organization, retaining your contributors becomes progressively difficult. Strategic planning lays the foundation for articulation of the impact your organization is attempting to make in your target community. It provides the model for gathering and reporting the information that will demonstrate the real results of your work and keep your organization “on mission.” From executive summaries to comprehensive plans, WhiteRock can develop or support a strategic planning process that will help your organization measure and demonstrate its effectiveness, efficiency and results.

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Organizing and Training Your Staff, Board and Volunteers to Deliver Maximum Results


Organizational Development/Strategic Planning

Is your organization continuously in a fundraising crisis? Does it seem to be getting more difficult to generate philanthropic support for your organization? WhiteRock can help you create (or update) and maintain internal processes that support sustainable fundraising.

Sound leadership from engaged leaders, comprehensive strategic planning and ongoing plan refinement are critical components of long-term financial sustainability. WhiteRock can help you create or update the internal activities required to move your organization from continual crisis to stability – and growth.

Board Development/Leadership Succession Planning

Does your board have a system for identifying, recruiting and mentoring good leaders? Leadership succession is about having systems in place that support a continuous flow of knowledgeable and skilled leaders to your board and important volunteer positions. We can help you design and implement the system that’s best for your organization and your board.

Volunteer Management and Training

Do you have volunteer board members who want to help advance the organization, but you’re not sure how use their time and talents effectively? Or are your board members uncomfortable asking others for money on your behalf? Do you rely only on volunteers to help raise money and awareness for your cause?  WhiteRock will work with you and your volunteers to maximize the success of the precious time they spend advancing your mission. We will help them become more comfortable talking to others about giving and making solicitations on their own.

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